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 Google Play Card Activation

Google play card activation process explained in simple steps:

Google play card can be redeemed and activated from both tablet and mobile phone as well as PC.
Steps that one must follow to redeem the google play card from mobile phone or tablet.
1. A google play card is a gift card that we can share with friends, family and employees. In order to
have a google play card you need to purchase them from online stores and it is also available in local
2. Once you have a google play card in your hand, you can redeem or gift it to your friends.
3. In order to redeem a play gift card on you tablet or mobile phone, you need to go to google play
store app.
4. In the play store app, you have to find the menu option that is placed on the top left corner of the
5. There will be many options available but you have to scroll down and find the “redeem” option
there and click on it.


6. Now you will see a box where you have to type the play card code.
7. Type the code and hit the redeem option to continue the process.

Where to find the redeemed money:

You can check the redeemed money in google play store account.
Once the code is redeemed, you can use it anywhere in your google play store or in-app purchases.
In games you can use this money to purchase items available to shop.


How to redeem your google play card on PC:

  • Open your web browser and type the web address
  • You will see a popup on your device with a blank box where you have type in your play card code.
  • Click on Redeem to continue the process.

How to redeem google play gift cards that are received through emails:

  • If you have received a google play gift card in your email, you can redeem it from the gift email
  • Go to your email and find the particular gift email that you have received.
  • once you will open that email, you will see redeem gift option
  • Click on redeem gift and follow the instructions to continue the process.